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intelligence prime capital Scam or Legal

Friends, in this article, What is IPC?. will tell you about it. Or at the same time we will also do intelligence prime capital review. Friends, today many trading platforms have come in the market. Should it be crypto trading or forex trading, but most of the platforms come to the market to scam. And that’s why I am saying this. Because in the last few years there have been big scams in the name of trading. So friends, looking at this scam, we will tell you in this article about IPC (Intelligence Prime Capital), and will tell you whether it is a scam or a real platform.

What is IPC (Intelligence Prime Capital)?

Friends IPC is a forex trading platform. Where you can trade forex. Friends, if you do not know what is forex trading. So you can watch articles and videos on Google or Youtube. And friends, by the way, this platform is running in the market for the last 5 or 6 months. And they also say that this is a Canadian company. And they have got a license from the Canadian Financial Regulatory Agency. and their website Traffic is also coming toAnd it is being promoted inside India for more than 1 month now. And the people of India are slowly showing interest in this.

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Is IPC legal in India?

Friends, by the way, they have shown a lot of legal documents on their website. But if we talk about India then it is not legal in India. Because this platform is not approved by RBI and SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). That’s why if any person invests in it. And he is caught by SEBI. So legal action can also be taken against him. If you don’t believe, you can check by google. And I will also show you the documents shown by IPC. which is given below.

Intelligence Prime Capital

Intelligence Prime Capital

Who is the owner of?

Friends, they have shown the names of 2 members on their website. 1) Mr. Welter Stefan 2) Dr. Wal NG SH. Friends, only these 2 names have been shown in their website and pdf. If we talk about his rank, then Mr. Walter is ranked as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Dr. Wal’s rank is CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Friends, the name of their founder has not been shown anywhere, so that we can find out who is its founder.

Friends, there is no such name which they have shown on their website, are they real. To find out, we have to have a Zoom meeting with the COO and CMO. That will clear it to us. That this is their company in real itself. Or any other. And by doing this you will be able to get the right information about this platform.

What is the business model of ICP?

Friends, let us tell all of you that this platform is also running an MLM plan along with forex trading. Where you can earn money by forming a team. And you can earn money from trading too. You get the features of manual trading, auto trading, copy trading here. And if I tell you about investment, then they have 3 packages.

1) 19.90$             

2) 2) 39.90$

3) 3) 99.90$.

Friends, if I tell about their investment of return, then they are giving you a fixed return. And for this reason they are going under the category of fraud. Because if any trading platform gives you fixed return. So understand that they have come inside the market to scam. Because no one knows when trading will happen. No one knows when to go to loss and when to profit, only some people trade with technical analysis. Therefore, whoever talks about fixing the platform, stay away from such platforms.

Intelligence Prime Capital


Friends the conclusion is this. That this platform has come to scam in the market. And this will go by doing a big scam. So don’t invest any money in it. And to scam this type of platform, so you take money in crypto. So that it does not get caught by anyone. Before investing money in any trading platform, definitely check whether it is legal in India or not.

Friends, hope that you have liked intelligence prime capital review. And also hope that you have understood our point. So that’s all in this article, if you liked this article, then definitely share it and tell what is your opinion about this company in the comment box. And do follow us on social media. Thanks

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  1. Should we join this?

Ans: You should not join this because it will 100% scam in future.

  1. Is this a real platform?

Ans: No, this is not a real platform. Because it is not legal in India.

  1. Is it legal in India?

Ans: It is not legal in India. So this is a scam platform.

  1. Who is its owner?

Ans: They have not shown their owner’s name on the website. Only the names of 2 members have been shown. None of which is a founder.

  1. How long will it last?

Ans: There is no time for such a platform, no one knows when it will run away with your money.


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