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Jaa lifestyle Real or Fake

Friends, there are many mlm companies running in India. And you must know this very well. That most of the company comes to the market only to scam. In such a situation, it becomes a challenge for those who do mlm, which company to join, friends, we have brought the solution of this thing for you. You can follow us on Youtube. Because we review every single company there. And there we tell which company is real and which company is fake.

Friends, today in this article we will tell you about Jaa Lifestyle Real or Fake, whether this company will be right for you. Or this too, and like the company, it will be scammed in the market. Your every question will be answered in this article.

What is Jaa Lifestyle?

Jaa is the mlm company of lifestyle. Which started from London. Their London office address is One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom. And this company is running from 2018. And this company is also legal inside India. And this company has 2 directors in India. Whose name is :-

  1. Johny
  2. Jolly Johny

and they also have their office in India. address is

48 Sri Sai Vaibhav Complex, II Stage

80 ft road

Basaveshwara Nagar





Friends, by the way, this company has not yet started properly in the market. For many years it has been giving update upon update. That now we are going to come with a free plan and sometimes we talk about crypto, sometimes we talk about stock market, and sometimes we talk about debit card. Just talking. And does nothing more than that.

Friends, they also say that this company has now entered the stock market as well. And the shares that were given to you. Now you will be able to use them. They say that this company is registered in the stock market of USA. But let’s also assume that this company is listed in the stock market. But who will take its shares, because no one will buy the shares of such Erie Gerry company. Because the company is analyzed before buying shares. This is already seen in the market as SCAM. So you must have already understood what I want to say.

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Friends, one of his news is also coming towards him. Regarding the debit card, soon you will also get a debit card. Friends, let me tell you for your information. RBI approval is required to launch a debit card. If its name is also passed by RBI, then it will be closed on the same day. Because RBI checks all the data. Or the whole point is that they are only making a fool of you. You will not even find a debit card plastic here.

Is jaa lifestyle legal?

Friends, as I have already told you that jaa lifestyle is legal inside India. This company is registered in India on 03/12/2020 with the name JAA LIFESTYLE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. Although this company is also operating in some other countries. Like it is going on in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria also. But we have nothing to do with this. We just have to check whether it is working properly inside India or not.

Jaa lifestyle Real or Fake

friends, we also checked their GST number, because it is mostly there. That some company does not get the gst number made even after being legal. Or shows any other gst number. So we checked their gst number. And their gst number is absolutely fine. But if you work in it or want to do it, then you must check once whether they are paying GST or not. Because if they are not paying GST. So a penalty can also be imposed on this company. And the company may also be closed. That’s why it is very important to check this too.

Should I join jaa lifestyle?

Friends, whether or not to join jaa lifestyle depends on you. We can give you information. But if you talk about our opinion, then our opinion is that the way of working of this company is not right. It has been wasting people’s time since many years. And looting money from people in different ways. If seen accordingly, then joining this company will not be right. Here both your time and your money will be wasted.

Friends, in the last few years, he has made a lot of fool of people. Therefore, the trust that they had in the market has also become much less than before. Now this company is going in its last phase. Now it will either stop, or it will make you more stupid.

What is Conclusion?

Friends, as you know, we were telling you about jaa lifestyle Real or Fake in this article. So friends, the conclusion comes out. That jaa lifestyle is a thug company. If you are working in it, or you want to work in it. So first of all do not join this company at all. If you are working in this. So kill exit from this company today, your only time will be wasted here. You will get nothing.

So friends hope you have understood my point. So friends, in this article, if you liked this article of jaa lifestyle Real or Fake, then definitely share it and tell by commenting what is your opinion about jaa lifestyle. And do follow us on Youtube. Thank you

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