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Tron Thunder Business Plan || Join or not?||

Friends, if you do mlm, then you must know that these days plans are being launched in the market plan on plan. But the problem is which plan to join or which company to join. Because 99% of the company is doing fraud in the market. So how to choose a right company. So friends, you do not need to take tension at all. Because we review every single company on our Youtube channel. You can watch it by visiting the channel. And we also write articles for every single company. So you can visit our website again and again. But today I am going to tell you about the tron ​​thunder business plan in this article. So you read the article completely.


What is Tron Thunder?

Friends tron ​​thunder is a mlm plan. Which is not known till date. From where is it going? Because there is no office address on their website. If I tell about the founder of this company, then his name is

Mr.Jean Pierre Rademeyer whose photo you will find in the down, this is the person who is running this plan. And this is going on in the market for the last 5 or 6 months. Friends, they also say that this is a decentralized plan. But friends, he also changed his plan. Nor do they have the contract address of this plan so that we can verify whether it is a decentralized plan in real or not.


Tron Thunder Business Plan


Is Tron Thunder Legal?

Friends tron ​​thunder is not legal. They do not have any legal document. This means that they are doing scam in the market. Friends, surprisingly, this is also from where this system has started. They do not even have the documents there. So you yourself think that who is not paying tex to the government and you are earning money from that company. So your money will also be considered illegal.

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What products does Tron thunder have?

Friends, products will also be there only when they have legal documents and office. They have nothing but a software. This guy has only a laptop and a software, he has nothing more than that. If you are not sure then you can check yourself.


Tron Thunder Coin?

Friends, they also have their own crypto coin, whose total supply is 21 crores. But friends, this coin of theirs has not been launched till date. Because it has been 6 months in the market. Nor do they have the contract address of this coin. So that we can verify it. Friends, this is making people fool since last 6 months. So stay away from such plans.


What is Tron Thunder Business Plan?

Friends, he has launched his second plan. Because good money has been looted in the first plan. Now they are going to rob in another plan. And explain how much to our Indian brothers. But he also works in such a plan. which lasts for 2 days. Let me tell you their plan too.


Friends, their new plan starts from 1200 tron. Because their entire plan is on tron ​​crypto currency. As much as the price of tron ​​is going on, you will have to pay money accordingly. Right now the price of tron ​​on 1/02/2022 is around Rs.6. Or if you join it today, then you will have to pay 7000 rupees. You can understand how big the joining amount is.


Tron Thunder Business Plan


friends have a single leg plan. What is single leg? I’ll tell you this too. Friends, there is only one leg in a single leg. Suppose you have joined this company, if anyone joins this company after you, then it will come in your down, and you will get money without working. In their plan, you will get money from 40 level down. Or you will get money from 40 members of your down. You will get 1% from each member.


Friends, you must have understood that you must have understood that you will get money from 40 members of your down. 1% will come from each member. This money will come to you on joining, on withdrawal. 1% from your own team and 1% from the team that comes from the company’s side. And after withdrawing the team which is your level, you will get income according to the level chart given below.

For example, if the 1st level member withdraws, then you will get 20% of their withdrawal amount. And so on for all the levels you have. According to them income will come. You can also understand from the chart given below.


Tron Thunder Business Plan


Now let’s talkAbout 2nd income, the name of that income is referral income which you will get up to 10 level.

Level 1 20%

Level 2. 5%

Level 3. 5%

Level 4. 5%

Level 5. 5%

Level 6. 5%

Level 7. 5%

Level 8. 5%

Level 9. 3%

Level 10. 2%


Friends He has also given some ranks in his plan. You will get total 7 rank. And to achieve each rank you have to complete Directs, Earning target. After that you will be given gifts. 5% You will be given gifts of your earning target. And at the same time your withdrawal % will also be increased. You can also understand in the below chart.


Tron Thunder Business Plan



Friends, as you already know, we were telling you about Tron Thunder Business Plan in this article. So friends, the conclusion comes out. That it is a money circulation system. They have neither any office, nor any product, nor any legal document, nor any stop. So you yourself think that on how big a level your people are being fooled. Think for yourself what your future is going to be in this. You yourself are smart. If I tell about my opinion, then do not join this plan at all. Because this is a scam company. You can be cheated at any time.


So friends, hope you have understood our point. So in this article, if you liked this article, then do share it. And what do you think about this company, do tell by commenting. And do follow me on youtube. Thank you

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My name is Sumit Rana. I am a Youtuber. You will continue to get all the information related to Mlm on this website. I am in network marketing field since last 6 years. I have fulfilled almost all my dreams through network marketing. Hope you will like this blog of ours. Thank you


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