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What is Pi Network? Real or Fake.

Friends, if you invest in Crypto Market. So you must be aware that nowadays the trend of crypto is increasing very fast. According to one figure, there are more than 100 million crypto investors in India. And with the increasing trend of crypto, scams have also become very high. So in such a situation, recognizing a right crypto coin and investing in it will be a big deal. Although there are many such channels on youtube that tell about how and when to invest in crypto. You can see them too. Before investing in any crypto. So friends, seeing this trend of crypto, another coin has come in the market. Whose name is :- Pi Network

What is Pi network?.

Friends pi network is a crypto coin. Which started in 2019. However, the total supply and price of this coin has not been known yet. Because those who have launched this coin have not publicly told anything about its supply and price.

Friends, Coin and Token keep coming in the crypto market. But most of the coins and tokens also fail. Because their use case is nothing. Nor is their community very strong. That’s why people don’t like him. But if we talk about pi, then friends, their community is very strong. We will discuss about this in more detail later.

Pi Network modal?

Friends say the people of Pi Network. That we will give you the option to do mining through our application for free. They say that you will be able to do their coin mining from your mobile phone. But friends, there is no duplicity in this matter. Because many people are doing mining from their application.

If I tell about their Android application, 50M or less than 50 million people have downloaded their application. This shows that their application has become quite popular. And this 50M data also shows that crores of people have mined their coin.

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Friends, they also have their own block chain. Which is currently running in testing mode. And they have not given much details of their block chain. What is the transaction speed of blockchain. Nobody knows. So friends, we will be able to decide in the future whether this is a real project or not. Because he has not shown more than half the information.

Is Pi Network Legal?

Friends, by the way, they have not written much in their website on legal. What they say is that whatever is their core team. Which is written by Stanford. He is the one who started this project. Although he has also mentioned this on his website. That they do not guarantee the success of this project.

What is Pi Network

But they will try their best, and will also try to make your dreams come true. And anyway, there is no law of crypto inside India. That’s why no coin is neither legal in India. And neither is Illegal. And they do not even have the legal document of any other country.

When will the Pi Network Other be listed on the exchange?

Friends, although no official announcement has come from pi netowrk, but latest news is flying in the market. That pi coin is going to be listed very soon on exchange like coin market cap and binance.

But friends, a question also arises here. That when the option of mining is available for free. So who will buy their coin? And anyway, their coin is already lying with crores of people. If they list their pi coin on an exchange, then all the users will swap their coin.

It means it comes out. That not a single penny went to the people of pi network. And exchanged his coin. Friends, this is not possible at all. Because when they will not have money. So from where will they give you the option to swap coins. Friends, this is a brainchild, very soon this too will go away, when it will be listed on any exchange.

What is Conclusion?

Friends, as you know, we were telling you about What is Pi Network in this article. So the conclusion comes out. Friends, whatever we have researched about this coin. We have not found the project of this coin to be legal from anywhere. Looks like this is a scam project.

Friends, as much as we have experience. If told on that basis, then some free platforms of this type collect your data. and sell to other company. Because they get money from there. This is already happening. Your personal information is sold to another company. And money is earned from there.

Friends, you must have heard many times in the news about cyber attacks, so even free companies like pi network are part of that gang. Because it sells your data. Cyber ​​attack people.

Behral, ​​friends, it will be clear in 2022 anyway whether Pi network is scam, or real. So all of you delete their application for now, from your phone, because sometimes they are misusing your data.

Friends, hope that you have understood our point. So that’s all in today’s article What is Pi Network, if you liked this article, then definitely share it. And what is your opinion about pi network. Do let us know by commenting. And do follow us on Youtube. Thank you

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